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Of The Beatles & Old Music


It’s hard to think of a good first blog post for a new blog. Even though I am blogging for more than 4 years with my other blog, which is focused on Japanese pop culture with specifics on Japanese superhero shows and cartoons, it’s hard to think of a good content that’s more personal to you. Guess I can think of something good while listening to The Beatles… and I just did.

In my first blog post in this new blog, I’ll just write whatever I write. Since I started talking about The Beatles, I guess I should first talk about my love for old music. I am not sure what age I started listening to what people can consider these days “old music”. I guess it all started while listening to Abba’s Dancing Queen in my cousin’s cassette player. It was only for a brief moment but it gave me a better impression that this song is cheesier compared to the ones being played in the radio. Realizing it now, I can’t believe I am saying this; the songs that I heard during the 90’s are cheesier than the ones from the 80’s. At least during that time they thought about the lyrics or something!


All of them are called JoJo.

Back to The Beatles, I started listening more to their songs in college thanks to the Japanese comic book called “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Even though that comic book is basically the bizarre adventures of a guy called Jojo, that book has a lot of references to “old music” ranging from The Beatles to Rihanna. The main protagonist/s’ name is based on a song called “Get Back“, which is about a guy named Jojo. After learning that reference, I started listening to that song via YouTube and since then, I am hooked. From time to time, I’ll try to listen to one song based on one character from that comic book and it kinda expanded my horizons when it comes to various type of music.

Outside The Beatles, I am a big fan of Bon Jovi and Queen thanks to a friend who introduced me to those groups. I guess it all started because we are seatmates and we end up singing their songs one time. Then I started to more of their songs and end up becoming addicted to it at some point of my life. There is nothing wrong about it, but it made me feel a bit of an outcast in a sense that I feel like the songs that my other classmates are listening are inferior to the ones I am listening. But what the heck, that’s the type of music they are listening and it’s their taste of music, not mine. I can’t dictate it.


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