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Returning to the Farm Again


Another game has distracted me from finishing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and that is Harvest Moon 64. Like I said in my previous blog post, I am easily distracted when it comes to video games that I often jump from one game to another game depending on my mood, in this case, it’s Harvest Moon 64. So why play a farming game if you are playing a much superior Zelda game? It’s the mechanics and the fact that Harvest Moon is one of my favorite SNES games.

Harvest Moon is simply one of my favorite SNES game because of its simple mechanics, improve your dead grandpa’s rundown farm, later have a family and end the game. This simple gaming mechanic is one of the reasons why I am addicted to it along with the additional elements that adds up to the game’s enjoyment, such as raising animals, the type of seeds you are growing, your stamina and my personal favorite, make the most of your farm like by meeting the ones living on your town. Did I mention that you can get married and have kids?


A shot of my farm during autumn.

Anyway, playing Harvest Moon 64 adds some more difficulty. The fact that stamina now plays a major role in the game is making you more conscious if you can finish all of your tasks before sunset. It didn’t help that the addition of an in-game clock makes the mechanics of the game more interesting and adds up the thrill when it comes to finishing all of your daily tasks. In short, it gives me some more difficulty when it comes to mingling with the townspeople; especially to the girl you want to be your wife in the game!

Another additional mechanic that I find really interesting in the game are the updates they made on the animals. Back in the original SNES game, chickens eat the fodder you cut from grass, but now, you must feed them with chicken feed! Not that it is accurate, but it adds up the difficulty in managing the finances of your farm. Also there is this thing with the cows; they cannot give milk once you purchase them. The only time they give milk is after a season. The fact that cow milker is expensive and that a single cow is expensive, it kinda pisses me of that I have to wait for a month so that I can earn from what I have invested!


Finally is with the tools, back in the first game, you need to purchase new tools if you want to upgrade your current tools. In this version, by using your tools a lot of times, it will upgrade itself, lessening your expenses. Also, it shows you many times you use your tools. This gives you this kind of sensation of achievement as you see yourself using a better version of your old tool.

Even if that is the case, Harvest Moon 64 is one fun game and playing the game is kinda relaxing, especially if you are playing an action adventure game like Zelda, which requires the player to solve some interesting puzzles. My current progress of the game is in the fall season, and I can’t wait to reach the winter season!


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